A great new Minecraft server

Rob's MC is a new and upcoming large server network with a lot of potential, that aims to hit number one in the top Minecraft servers. 

Connect with mc.robsmc.ca:25565
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Why Choose Rob's MCPacked with different games and features to make your visit great.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers run by the owner himself. This means full access for the owner to customize and add new features.

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Lots of game modes

Play different games and features in Minecraft that aren't available in the normal game.


Cracked clients welcome

All users create a password that protects their account from being stolen, regardless of whether they've bought the game or not (but please do.)

Lots of game modes to choose

Lot of games are available right now, and plenty more are coming as current games are being completed. Just a handful in the list of games currently available are;

  • Survival
  • Creative
  • Towny
  • BedWars
  • SkyBlock (and some interesting variations)

Special features

There's some special features planned, more specifically for the planned second survival server. These are going to take a lot of work, so don't expect it very soon. 

  • Planes and cars
  • A ton of new blocks, tools, items, and circuits
  • And if you have more suggestions for the new server, they might make it in. 

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Months of active development


Game modes

4522 +

Unique players joined so far

Latest Updates

August updates

Another whole lot has been added, again too many changes to list them all, but I will make points of the main ones. 

  • Survival 2 has been brought online!
    Survival 2 already includes SlimeFun and some types of vehicles. Soon a spawn will be built there (away from the little island it currently is) and then the real features can be worked on. 
  • BedWars has been completely rebuilt. 
    The only BedWars server was very buggy, but this one should be just right. 
  • A few issues have been improved involving crashes on SkyGrid and survival 1 has been optimized a little more. 

I also want to cover what's going to be happening in the next few weeks to add to this. My main focus will not be to add that many features. Instead, things will be worked on that will improve performance and fix a whole lot more bugs. 

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The Owner

Contact Info

Contact email coming soon!